Mary P.

Jul17th 2020

Synergy, and in particular Kelly Haddock, is, without doubt, the best physical therapist I have encountered in 40 years of searching for relief from back, neck, hip pain and headaches that resulted from injuries received in a helicopter crash and years of ineffective treatment. In a relatively short time, she has produced results that no doctor I’ve seen (eight) produced, no chiropractor I’ve seen (three) produced, and no other physical therapist I’ve seen (at least three) have produced. She has demonstrated time and again her thorough knowledge of the human body and how such parts function together. I don’t claim she cured me, but she reduced my pain level by 90% and taught me techniques to help relieve pain as it increases.There is not enough that can be said about Kelly’s ability, talent, desire to help, knowledge and patience with patients. Her knowledge and talents extend not only to manual physical therapy, but to dry needle therapy as a perfect complement to treatment. If insurance companies realized how much money Kelly Haddock and Synergy could save them, half the doctors and three fourths of the chiropractors would be out of business.

As a “professional sitter” in a demanding occupation, I began to experience severe headaches as a result of high stress as well as bad desk posture. I began physical therapy with Kelli Crosby, and she quickly became an incredible gift, helping me to adjust my posture and ergonomics at the computer as well as battle the way I carry stress in my neck and shoulders. She taught me defensive tactics, such as stretching throughout the day, as well as the preventative measures of specific core strengthening exercises that have made an absolutely incredible difference. I highly recommend Kelli—both for her depth of knowledge and expertise, but also for the simple and applicable ways she conveys those principles to her patients. She genuinely desires that you live a healthier life and is also extremely capable of helping you get there!

Kelli showed me important stretches and gave me tips that have enabled me to keep doing the work I love with the elderly. I do the stretches repeatedly throughout the work day, which prevents my muscles from tightening up and helps keep my back injury-free.