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Nov10th 2021

Living with Painful Joints? Get Moving Comfortably with Physical Therapy

Improve Your Mobility and Relieve Your Pain! Achy joints can be difficult to live with, and unfortunately many people experience this type of pain. Let’s face it, your joints just aren’t treating you the way they used to. You might be dealing with the aftermath of an injury that has made it hard for you

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Oct20th 2021

Living with Lower Back Pain? That Doesn’t Have to be the Case! PT Can Help

Relieve the Pain in Your Lower Back with These 3 Tips Have you been living with lower back pain? If so, you are not alone. Dealing with back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. Tons of people turn to prescription medication to manage their pain, but with opioid dependence on the rise, many of

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Oct10th 2021

Hip and Knee Pain Getting You Down? We Can Help

Move with Ease Once Again! Hip and knee pain can be difficult to live with. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, knee pain is a common condition resulting in 19.4 million pain-related visits to a physician’s office each year! Are you struggling with debilitating or uncomfortable pain in your knees or hips? If

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