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Mar10th 2023

5 Way To Know You Need Physical Therapy!

Have you ever heard of physical therapy? If you’re in need of it, there are tons of ways your body may be trying to tell you! Physical therapy isn’t just for rehabilitation or athletes in training. There are many reasons why a person might need the assistance of a physical therapist. There are five basic

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Jan10th 2023

The Secret To Ditching Opioids

Another day, another drugstore visit. Month after month and year after year, many chronic pain sufferers find themselves on this treadmill. Prescription pain relievers can only do so much to alleviate your discomfort, and in the case of opioids, you may find yourself buying larger quantities more regularly just to keep up with your growing

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Nov10th 2022

Let’s Get Physical: 5 Ways To Improve Your Health & Stay Active!

Staying active is one of the key factors in maintaining long-term health. Fitting exercise and even moderate activity into your daily routine, however, isn’t always easy. Whether it’s because of a busy schedule or a health condition, you may find it difficult to get the daily exercise you need. Synergy Manual Physical Therapy in Colorado

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