Category: Physical Therapists

Taresa Kenens Jul20th 2020

Taresa Kenens

Taresa specializes in Pelvic Health therapy and enjoys reading, playing the piano and hiking.

Kevin Haddock Jul20th 2020

Kevin Haddock

Kevin graduated from the University of North Florida Physical Therapy in 2002, and the University of North Florida Athletic Training in 1999.  He specializes in advanced spinal and peripheral joint manipulation, sports injuries, and dry needling.  His hobbies include playing the guitar and going on adventures.  He has accumulated over 5,000 miles on the trails

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Kacie Rognlie Jul20th 2020

Kacie Rognlie

Kacie earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  She specializes in orthopedic manual physical therapy.  She enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, hiking with the dog and reading.