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Jul5th 2022

5 Methods for Reducing Pain and Increasing Energy

Are aches and pains disrupting your daily routine? If you’re in need of fast-acting pain relief so you can get back to living your life, physical therapy can help. In physical therapy, you’ll gain access to a customizable treatment program that will provide pain-relief and help combat fatigue. Our highly trained physical therapists have successfully

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Jun3rd 2022

Searching for Relief from Sciatica Pain? Try Physical Therapy Today!

Is your sciatica pain holding you back from your daily routine? At Synergy Manual Physical Therapy, we understand how pesky sciatica symptoms can be. Fortunately, treatment with a licensed physical therapist can help. If you’re looking for a way to return to the active lifestyle you love, contact Synergy Manual Physical Therapy today to learn

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Feb20th 2022

What Is a Tension Headache, and How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Have You Been Suffering from Stress-Related Headaches? Have painful tension headaches become an irritating part of your daily routine? Do they strike while you’re sitting in traffic, late to work, or scrambling to get through a seemingly endless to-do list? At Synergy Manual Physical Therapy, we understand just how frustrating it is to deal with

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