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Dec10th 2022

Stay Active During Your 9-5 Job With These 5 Simple Tips!

Would it feel awkward or embarrassed if you were discovered doing jumping jacks at work? We hope not, and we believe that many successful businesses would applaud the effort! It’s becoming increasingly well-recognized that remaining physically active during the workday is beneficial, not only to your health but also to your productivity. It can also

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Apr10th 2022

5 Ways Stretching Improves Your Long-Term Health

Are You Making Sure to Incorporate Stretching into Your Daily Routine? Are you familiar with the extensive health benefits of stretching? According to Mayo Clinic, consistent stretching improves your joints’ range of motion, increases flexibility, and protects you from injury. If stretching is not a part of your current daily routine, your body is missing

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Jan20th 2022

Enhance Your Life Through Stretching

Discover the Plethora of Health Benefits with Stretching Are you aware of the importance of stretching? Stretching is an important part of your daily routine. If you don’t have a stretching regimen in place, you definitely need one! A good stretch is the perfect way to start your day no matter what age you are,

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