Synergy Manual Physical Therapy was founded by specialized physical therapists, who utilize the most advanced and efficient therapeutic techniques in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

We use hands-on procedures – techniques that have been selected based on expert evaluation of the body's movement systems.

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Intramuscular Manual Therapy

What is Manual Physical Therapy?

When we use the term "manual physical therapy" we are talking about a group of techniques which use hands-on procedures to maximize therapeutic gains. These techniques are selected based on expert evaluation of the body’s movement systems. Specifically, joint mobilizations/ manipulations, muscular releases, re-education of the nervous system, and proprioception training (body awareness) are implemented by highly trained clinicians.

These techniques are augmented by traditional physical therapy mainstays, such as exercise, modalities (electrical stimulation, lasers, ultrasound, iontophoresis, heat and cold application, etc.) and patient education. The key is that the second group of techniques is taught to entry level physical therapists, as they complete their degrees. To perform the more advanced mobilizations, our providers have had years of extra training from the North American Institute of Manual Physical Therapy. The end result is the acquisition of advanced certifications and a more complete approach to treatment. That is what we are offering you the consumer, a brand of therapy that is well beyond average.

The History of Manual Physical Therapy

The use of manual techniques has captivated a growing audience of therapists, doctors and satisfied patients alike, but is not a new idea. Fascinatingly, there are drawings of Hippocrates (460-355 B.C.) performing manipulations and books in which he wrote about "bone setting." Additionally, he performed various traction type treatments on his patients. Galen (131-202) the famous surgeon, highly revered these techniques and implemented them throughout his illustrious career. Throughout the years the idea of using leverage and position to "set bones" became more common. These "bone setters" treated the local villagers and passed their trade down through their families until the modern age of medicine took over. Doctors (MD and DO), Physical Therapist and Chiropractors all use joint specific treatments to maximize their patients success. While Doctors and therapist usually emphasize joint mobility and Chiropractors have adopted an "alignment" philosophy, we do share a similar lineage of occupational origin.

Learn about Synergy Manual Physical Therapy
Intramuscular Manual Therapy (Trigger Point Dry Needling)

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a new technique which has proven very effective in the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction. Synergy specializes in this treatment and we have eight years of combined experience successfully treating our patients.